Airport Pickup & Dropoff Fees:
Airport Pickup & Dropoff Fees: $75.00 (CDN) per trip

A Room Security Deposit is required for all rooms. This deposit is refundable when the guest checks out of the homestay. The amount of the deposit refunded will depend on the condition of the room when a guest checks out of the homestay or other fees needed to cover damages, Cleaning, lose of rent. If the room only needs to be lightly cleaned by the host then all of the deposit will be refunded. However if the room or furnishings sustained damage and is left dirty with garbage that needs to be removed the amount of the refund will be less or none. The Room Security Deposit and Aiport Pickup Fees are due upon arrival at check-in time.

How to Secure your Homestay Room.
A Non-refundable deposit is required to hold your room.

This Non-refundable Deposit is not the same as the Room Security Deposit. Please read the information below.

As you may know many students from around the world look for Homestay accommodations while they are here in Canada going to school or University. To guarantee you a room we require a non-refundable deposit.

Please complete the on-line Application Form to apply for a Homestay Room and submit it to us.

Once we have received your application requesting for a Homestay Room, we will contact you within 24 hours to let you know if you have been approved.

When your approved and receive our email confirmation, please read it carefully as there will be instructions on how to send the Non-Refundable Deposit to Secure your Homestay Booking. We must receive your Non-Refundable Deposit within 3 business days of your confirmation. Your Non-Refundable Deposit will hold your Homestay Room until you arrive. This Non-Refundable Deposit is deducted from your first months Homestay fee. When you arrive the balance will be due and payable. When we have received your Non-Refundable Deposit you will receive a Non-Refundable Deposit confirmation email confirming the room is held for you.

This is the only way we can Guarantee you a room and prevent double bookings for a Homestay. If your Non-Refundable Deposit is not received within the 3 business days of your Confirmation letter, your homestay booking will be cancelled and the room will go to the next Homestay Guest looking for a Homestay.

Upon Arrival at the Homestay:
Once you have arrived at the Homestay you are required to pay the balance of your First Months Homestay Free along with your Room Security Damage Deposit & any Airport Pickup Fees. (CDN) Cash Only

It is important to book your Homestay well in advance of your arrival to Canada. We recommend at least one to three months in advance.
The Non-Refundable Deposit can be made by Pay Pal or by Bank Transfer only.

If you select to pay your Non-Refundable deposit by PayPal we will send you an invoice from our PayPal account with an automatic Pay Now button so you can pay it when you recieve it. This is less expensive than a Bank Transfer.

Do not send cash in the mail.

Room Rates, Security Deposits & None Refundable Room Hold Deposit Information:

Room 2 Monthly Fee Option 1: $1,000.00 (CDN) 3 Meals Included Security Deposit: $1000.00 (CDN)Non-Refundable Deposit required: $500.00
Room 2 Monthly Fee Option 2: $933.33 (CDN) 2 Meals IncludedSecurity Deposit: $1000.00 (CDN)Non-Refundable Deposit required: $466.67

Room 3 Monthly Fee Option 1: $975.00 (CDN) 3 Meals Included Security Deposit: $975.00 (CDN)Non-Refundable Deposit required: $487.50
Room 3 Monthly Fee Option 2: $908.33 (CDN) 2 Meals IncludedSecurity Deposit: $975.00 (CDN)Non-Refundable Deposit required: $454.17

Please note that all payments are in Canadian Dollars.

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